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Improve your Google Ranking with Quality Content Writing

Many people make the mistake of concentrating on search engines rather than their readers when doing SEO. Your focus should be on your readers first because the more valuable content you give them, the more they would share your content, and the higher you would rank.

Ranking high on Google doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Notwithstanding, You should start creating Search Engine Optimized Content from day one because once Google’s algorithm sees that you produce valuable and shareable content frequently, their algorithm will start to rank you higher.

According to Quicksprout, A brand new website with tons of relevant links and add high-quality content won’t still get as much search traffic as older sites will.

From a study, after people search on their smartphone for a nearby business, 76% of them end up visiting the business within 1 day and 28% of those local searches result in a purchase–SEO is a marketing investment that continues to benefit you.


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Improve your Google Ranking with Search Engine Optimized Content

How I Can Help You 

Proper Content Quality and Formatting

There’s a quality you have to maintain to be able to rank well on Google. Google only ranks the best content, in terms of quality and relevance. With my experience, I would help you create content that ticks all the boxes in terms of easy consumption and relevance. You should expect to see

  • Backlinks
  • Headers with Keywords
  • Media-Rich Content with alt texts for SEO
  • Numbered and Bullet lists.

Engaging Content

What’s the point of a blogpost if the content is not engaging. You need to hold your reader’s attention for longer to get them to the end of the page. Remember, lower bounce rates improve your search ranking.

So you need the right touch to ensure that your content is both valuable and can hold your readers’ attention till the end.

Keyword Research

With proper keyword research and the strategic inclusion of keywords, It would give your page a higher chance of ranking. Including the right keywords is part of the SEO process.

Long-tail keywords are less competitive and more effective. I would help you place keywords correctly to ensure that you’re not guilty of keyword stuffing, which can ruin your SEO.

Well-Researched and Highly Informative Content

Nothing makes your visitors stay on your page than valuable content. With my experience working with clients, I would help you create helpful content for your readers that would pass the message across.

One thing that makes the process easy is to create a Buyers’ persona. This would make sure I understand the target audience and the right words to use.


Meta-Description Optimisation

Many people overlook the relevance of Meta-Descriptions. Meta-Descriptions help to improve your page’s open rates from the Search Engine Result Page.

To make it work in your favor, I would include keywords and encouragements to make your visitors open the page when it appears on the SERP

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The more high-quality content you put out, the higher your chances of getting new leads

“Tochukwu did an amazing job for me as a blog writer. He helped gain traffic to my website through on-page SEO and got the writing back on deadline. I would recommend and use his services again. Many thanks 😊”

Jennifer StoreyCopywriter and CEO of Creative Storey
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Tochukwu is an amazing professional, I have worked with him in many projects, the best thing about working with him is that he is very very active about the project and gives his 500% to complete the project in right fashion.

Shivam SharmaProject Manager

Tochukwu is a very good researcher and writes really comprehensive article. Definitely Recommend!

Rafal SzafarkiewiczBlogger

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