The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin for Freelance Writers

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Did you just get a Linkedin account and you’re finding it very difficult to get work? What if I told you that Linkedin is one of the best platforms to get freelance writing work if you play your cards right.

I started using Linkedin actively in January 2020 and since then, I’ve had clients reach out to me for writing gigs, I got my first $1000 monthly retainer, been reached out to by recruiters–gotten Content writing and Copywriting roles in agencies; grew my email list, and have collaborated with many writers

Work might seem slow on freelance platforms but on Linkedin, people are actively seeking writers every day. Linkedin is the platform that your potential clients use–that’s why it’s so effective.

Once you position yourself right on Linkedin, getting work wouldn’t be a problem anymore. And that’s what I want to teach you.

Clients focus on Linkedin now because of the quality of writers out there, compared to what they’ll get in Freelance marketplaces.

To attract the best clients, you have to learn the tricks of the platform. In this book, you’ll learn

  • The tricks to setting up your profile
  • How to write appealing About pages
  • How to find and create content on Linkedin
  • The right people to reach out to
  • How to properly reach out to clients
  • The strategy I used to get my first $1000 monthly retainer
  • Bonus Tips

2 reviews for The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin for Freelance Writers

  1. Tobou Egbekun

    i read this book and it helped me to create a better brand for myself on Linkedin, ever since i learnt how to optimize my profile from this gude, my profile has become more noticeable. An amazing boook!!!!

  2. Okiki Olawale

    Reading this book, I have learnt essential things to keep my profile on the eyes of my target audience, it’s very insightful and it is a must-read for people willing to carve a niche for themselves and build a highly profitable brand on LinkedIn

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