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Improve your Sales and Brand Value With Engaging Emails

Email marketing is important for every business with an online presence. Whether you’re trying to take your leads through a sales funnel or you’re trying to keep your existing customers engaged–email marketing works best.

It is a driving factor for customer retention and acquisition because of how personal you can get with them. Customers respond positively when you provide helpful insights on a personal level, and Emails give you that opportunity. It tops the charts in comparison to organic search, paid search, and social media

According to Oberlo for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you should expect an average return of $42–that’s an appealing return on investment. Hubspot says 99% of consumers check their email every day. So it would be a no-brainer not to use email marketing to the fullest.

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Strengthen your Customer Relationship and Brand loyalty

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Improve your Email Open Rates

Your subject lines are the greatest determinants of the success of your email. The average open-rate is 15-25% and with the right help you should be getting way more than that

With my experience as a Copywriter, I would help you create captivating headlines while avoiding clickbait titles that may cause the email service providers to mark your email as spam.


Engaging Content

Your click-through rates suffer when your content isn’t correctly formatted and is hard to read. 

People like to read content they can scan through easily. If you’re not making things easy for your readers, they won’t even bother reading your content to the end. With the right formatting–bullet points, subheadings, short sentences, paragraphs, and media; you can hold your readers’ attention until the end and improve your click-through rates.

Communicate Your Value

When writing an email, it is easy to get carried away by the irrelevant and not talk about the value you offer to your customers.

I would try to understand your offer and create a conversion-focused content that would give you your desired results.

Connect with your Customers

Everyone cares about themselves first before they care about your business. To connect with your customers you have to put their needs first while presenting a solution to those needs with your products or services.

Many businesses are yet to figure this out, but once you do, and can implement it, you would be miles ahead of your competition.

Higher Conversion rates

What’s a newsletter when you cannot get your email subscribers to follow your call to action. Converting your leads to paying customers takes skill.

You need a Copywriter who is skilled in the art of persuasion to make your offer too good to resist, and this is what I want to help you with.

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Become an Authority in your Industry with Insightful Emails

“It's rare that you come across a standout talent like Tochukwu. His ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team at Elitefold. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about Tochukwu's work.”

Olajire JacobB2B Copywriter and CEO of Elitefold
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Improved sales with conversion-focused Emails

Tochukwu is an amazing professional, I have worked with him in many projects, the best thing about working with him is that he is very very active about the project and gives his 500% to complete the project in right fashion.

Shivam SharmaProject Manager

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